To me any Brand is a CALLING :
If the Brand does not signal a call for action it is not a brand.  At Hepco we have always tried to deliver our promises to the fullest of our resources.  Perhaps that's why today Hepco is a brand in motion. We have always remained committed to our goals and challenges, and have instilled a CAN DO attitude in our team members. It's indeed a dream team today. It's our people, young diligent and hard working who have put us on top. Truly there is no US without U !
The Consumer - A New Avatar :
Today the consumer seems to be in total control like never before. Yes, interests change for no reason. Today one can access information easily about a set of competing brands. So the new challenge is not only to stay relevant in the consumers mind, but how to get a permanent position. Here we follow the David Ogilvy principle---- The consumer is not a moronshe is your wife.
On Competition :
Competition is crueler than ever. So we stood up, innovated and upgrade constantly and served up improved versions in order to remain invincible in our line of trade. Theresults speak.
Goal Seeking :
We always wanted to create and sustain an environment conductive to the growth of the Industry. We catalyze change, by enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and by expanding business opportunities for the served industries. We look forward to newer challenges.